The Adventures of YOLO the Yarn Ball – Winter Park


Yarn Only Lives Once!

Hey Blue Kitty fans! 

My yarn, my sister, my mom and I had a lovely girls weekend get away to Winter Park, Colorado!

We laughed,  we walked,  we shopped, we enjoyed the hot tub and the beautiful mountain views. And I crocheted. 

Meet YOLO.

Yolo is a beautiful ball of … yarn.

We started our morning with some crochet on the deck of the room. It was cool out, but how can you resist some fresh mountain air before breakfast? My mom made some epic breakfast sandwiches!

After breakfast,  we ventured out into the quaint resort town. 

Over a river. 

Through the town. 

Where we played a quick game of checkers. I won!

Then we hung out with a dear winter friend,  the Coke bear!

Yolo was the only one of us up for a ride on the rapids. It was just a mini decorative boat, but we couldn’t break Yolo’s heart to tell him it wasn’t real. 

Yolo relaxed in the giant rockers with my mom and sister before hitching a gondola ride.

Phew! What a morning! We really worked up a thirst!

A stroll through some flowers. 

Then some camping! (Well, shopping. But there was a tent!) We even saw a Moose!

Yolo liked these goggles.  They really make his colors pop!

A beer with mom for dinner.

Yolo might have had too much to drink. 

We relaxed in the hot tub before relaxing for the evening. 

Then it was time for bed. 

Sunday, before heading home, the highlight of our day was a beautiful waterfall! 

We all had such an amazing weekend!
A special thanks to my sister who had the idea for the weekend and provided the room! And to my mom who had the idea to photograph the Yarn Ball on our adventures. 


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