Marshal the Mischievous Monster

Meet Marshal!

He and his friends are perfect for eating all those spare bags that never seem to find a home in the kitchen, while adding a bit of whimsy to your decor. 

There’s a pattern on Ravelry, but I only used the pattern for my first one. I changed my pattern to use dc instead of sc so it works up faster. I don’t normally count my rounds – I just eyeball it & stop when it looks good & that way each monster is a little different.

 (The original pattern is HERE.)



Marshal’s bottom, arms and legs: I Love This Yarn. Color is Linen.

Marshals body, head: 1st Kiss by Loops and threads in the color Earth. ( I got this on clearance at Michael’s so may no longer be available).

Hand full of polyfill stuffing.

The eyes are made with scraps I had laying around the house. I think it’s rhss.


Chain 2 or MR

1. 12 dc in the ring

2. inc around

3. *dc 1, inc*

4. *dc 2, inc* 

5. *dc 3, inc*

6. *dc 4, inc*


7. Dc around in blo

8 – 16. (8 rounds) dc around. 

17. SC 15, CH or FSC 30, skip 30 stitches, SC 15 to end of roid

18. *dC 3, dec*

19. *dC 2, dec*

20. Dc around

21. *dC 1, dec*

22. dec around

Marshal’s head now looks like this so…

FO and tie hole shut. Like this: 

MOUTHPIECE: repeat bottom

ARM x2:

Chain 2 or MR

1. 6 SC in the ring

2. inc around

3-11 SC around

12. SC 2, dec

FO and leave a tail for sewing. Pinch it flat when you sew it on


Chain 2 or MR

1. 6 SC in the ring

2. inc around

3. 20 rows sc around (or as long as you want).

FO and leave tail for sewing. I didn’t pinch the leg flat and instead sewed it on as is.


Chain 2 or MR

1. 6 SC in the ring-SS to first SC (6) in black

2. CH 1, inc around-SS to first SC (12) in eye colour

3. CH 1, *SC 1, inc* -SS to first SC (18) in white

FO leave tail for sewing.

Sew together and add horns, teeth, wings, fur – anything you and your creatures can imagine together! Remember to add a little stuffing to the head.

And here’s Marshall on some backyard adventures. 

I hope you enjoyed.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.



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