Stay Tuned – Big Plans in 2019!

Hello Blue Kitty Fans!


There’s lots under way for 2019! I’ll have more blog content, more stories, more advanced crochet projects and … an Etsy shop!



The Adventures of YOLO the Yarn Ball – Winter Park


Yarn Only Lives Once!

Hey Blue Kitty fans! 

My yarn, my sister, my mom and I had a lovely girls weekend get away to Winter Park, Colorado!

We laughed,  we walked,  we shopped, we enjoyed the hot tub and the beautiful mountain views. And I crocheted. 

Meet YOLO.

Yolo is a beautiful ball of … yarn.

We started our morning with some crochet on the deck of the room. It was cool out, but how can you resist some fresh mountain air before breakfast? My mom made some epic breakfast sandwiches!

After breakfast,  we ventured out into the quaint resort town. 

Over a river. 

Through the town. 

Where we played a quick game of checkers. I won!

Then we hung out with a dear winter friend,  the Coke bear!

Yolo was the only one of us up for a ride on the rapids. It was just a mini decorative boat, but we couldn’t break Yolo’s heart to tell him it wasn’t real. 

Yolo relaxed in the giant rockers with my mom and sister before hitching a gondola ride.

Phew! What a morning! We really worked up a thirst!

A stroll through some flowers. 

Then some camping! (Well, shopping. But there was a tent!) We even saw a Moose!

Yolo liked these goggles.  They really make his colors pop!

A beer with mom for dinner.

Yolo might have had too much to drink. 

We relaxed in the hot tub before relaxing for the evening. 

Then it was time for bed. 

Sunday, before heading home, the highlight of our day was a beautiful waterfall! 

We all had such an amazing weekend!
A special thanks to my sister who had the idea for the weekend and provided the room! And to my mom who had the idea to photograph the Yarn Ball on our adventures. 

Marshal the Mischievous Monster

Meet Marshal!

He and his friends are perfect for eating all those spare bags that never seem to find a home in the kitchen, while adding a bit of whimsy to your decor. 

There’s a pattern on Ravelry, but I only used the pattern for my first one. I changed my pattern to use dc instead of sc so it works up faster. I don’t normally count my rounds – I just eyeball it & stop when it looks good & that way each monster is a little different.

 (The original pattern is HERE.)



Marshal’s bottom, arms and legs: I Love This Yarn. Color is Linen.

Marshals body, head: 1st Kiss by Loops and threads in the color Earth. ( I got this on clearance at Michael’s so may no longer be available).

Hand full of polyfill stuffing.

The eyes are made with scraps I had laying around the house. I think it’s rhss.


Chain 2 or MR

1. 12 dc in the ring

2. inc around

3. *dc 1, inc*

4. *dc 2, inc* 

5. *dc 3, inc*

6. *dc 4, inc*


7. Dc around in blo

8 – 16. (8 rounds) dc around. 

17. SC 15, CH or FSC 30, skip 30 stitches, SC 15 to end of roid

18. *dC 3, dec*

19. *dC 2, dec*

20. Dc around

21. *dC 1, dec*

22. dec around

Marshal’s head now looks like this so…

FO and tie hole shut. Like this: 

MOUTHPIECE: repeat bottom

ARM x2:

Chain 2 or MR

1. 6 SC in the ring

2. inc around

3-11 SC around

12. SC 2, dec

FO and leave a tail for sewing. Pinch it flat when you sew it on


Chain 2 or MR

1. 6 SC in the ring

2. inc around

3. 20 rows sc around (or as long as you want).

FO and leave tail for sewing. I didn’t pinch the leg flat and instead sewed it on as is.


Chain 2 or MR

1. 6 SC in the ring-SS to first SC (6) in black

2. CH 1, inc around-SS to first SC (12) in eye colour

3. CH 1, *SC 1, inc* -SS to first SC (18) in white

FO leave tail for sewing.

Sew together and add horns, teeth, wings, fur – anything you and your creatures can imagine together! Remember to add a little stuffing to the head.

And here’s Marshall on some backyard adventures. 

I hope you enjoyed.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Welcome to Blue Kitty Crochet

Hello, Blue Kitty Crochet fans!

As this is my first blog post I thought I’d introduce myself with a little of my background and why I crochet. To do that I’m sharing with you a biography that I use when applying for booths at art fairs.

(Bear with me as this is my first blog. Thank you so much for dropping by!)

Image result for blue page divider

I’ve always been different. Odd, even. I thrive in solitude and silence. Growing up, making friends was difficult. Being “normal” was difficult. It wasn’t until recently I learned I have a mental illness. I have been diagnosed with high-functioning social anxiety and depression.


My name is Misty Brady. I am 35 years of age. I am an insurance agent by day and a crochet artist by, well, all other available hours.

My Grandma, who passed away in 2012, started teaching me crochet when I was four years old. It started out with winding up yarn balls and making chains miles long, maybe a pot holder or two. I fell in love with the colors. When I learned to drive, Grandma’s house was a get-away. Whether I was having a terrible day at school or work, or even if I had a great day, I was off to my Grandma’s house where there was always a hug and some yarn. I loved creating new and beautiful things. We made mostly blankets together, but she made everything from tissue box covers to doll dresses to masterpiece tapestries to hang on the wall. In my late teens I made my first afghan by myself. It was a sampler of all kinds of different stitches. I chose pink, blue and cream. Turns out, my Grandma hated pink. (A “God-awful color”!) But, she forgave me because, as I learned the day I gave her the blanket, blue was her favorite color. Since that day, I made hundreds of projects and couldn’t wait to show each and every one of them to her. Her praise, and even her snarky criticisms were filled with love and pride. When she passed, I lost my best friend and my crochet buddy. I am forever grateful to her for teaching me my art. My online handle is Blue Kitty Crochet. The Blue is in tribute to my Grandma.

And that’s how my art became my therapy. Yarn was always there. Yarn was always beautiful. And yarn always came with praise and unconditional love.

Now, especially in my moments of deepest  anxiety and depression, I reach for my yarn. My fingers itch for that familiar feel of the hook and yarn in my hands. Crocheting relieves my fidgetiness, helps me to stay focused and it brings a beautiful art into the world. Not only is crochet my personal therapy but I have learned that crochet is therapy for many people. Research shows, crochet relieves depression because repetition releases serotonin, which is a natural anti-depressant. Crafting in general reduces anxiety, keeping hands busy and mind focused helps people attend classes or events. For me, it helps me go to and stay at work. Crochet reduces boredom and thus irritability and restlessness.

Yarn crafting also builds a community and helps to make friends.

I started a crochet club a few years back as a team-building exercise for a team I was running at a previous job. There are very few of us left in the club, but I consider those who are to be my nearest and dearest friends. We talk every day – usually about yarn.

Crochet is art. Love. Therapy. Beauty. Community. 

The world needs more of all those things and I’d be honored to share them with you.